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Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib

If we applaud the role of private education in Egypt, then the name of Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib must be one of the first pioneers in this field. He has an ambitious desire to develop and raise the standard of education, teachers and students, resuming the role of his father,  Mr. Fouad Habib concerning the leadership of private education.

The achievements and contributions that Dr.Sameh had made in the field of education are the greatest witness on the gorgeousness and loyalty of this grateful son towards our beloved Egypt. He obtained: – A general diploma in administration in 1996 (Sadat Academy) – A general diploma in the administration of touristic constructions in 1997 (Sadat Academy) – PHD from the Economical Science Academy in Bucharest “Romania” in the administration of private educational corporations in 1999 This made him capable of the aware non-stop devotion to his country, and sharing the dream of preparing future youths in an appropriate educational way. This will support them carrying the responsibility as well as receiving the flag of devotion afterwards.

Activities and achievements

• When he was still a student at university, he used to help his fater, the owner and manager of Abbaseya private secondary schools. And when his father (God rest his soul) passed away in 1986, he took over schools managements

• In the same year, he had established Abbaseya School for Tourism and Hotel Management, the first private school for tourism and hotel management in Egypt

• In 1087, he inserted the computer science section in the Institute of Qualitative Studies. It was the first institute on the level of private and general institutes that offered that study

• In 1992, he developed that section, as the study would last for four years after which the student would be given a Bachelor accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education In 1993, he added to the institute a new section for tourism, hotel management and tourism guidance In 1991, he established a new school for hotel management and tourism studies, (5 years after preparatory school). It qualified the graduates after finishing their studies to work in one of the touristic resorts or 5 stars hotels. In 1993, he established the High Institute for Specialized Technological Studies. It is located in kilo 32 (Cairo – Ismailia Road). It is built on a large area of land

• In 1997, he established the first private industry secondary school, that is specialized for computers and electronics, on the level of the country. It copes with the (Mubarak Cole) agreement Dr. Sameh also established an elderly house in a refined level. It was built on an area of 2.5 acres to make his father’s wish come true. He called it “Fouad Habib Elderly House” to teach the coming generations the meaning of loyalty and parents righteousness

Facts and Information

Dr. Sameh is the chief manager of many private educational corporations, in addition to obtaining a lot of posts and being honoured by various entities because of his sincere efforts to develop the educational process. As a result

• He was honoured by the previous minister of education as a pioneer of private education in 1991

• He was honoured by the House of International Public Opinion for Leadership and Excellence in 1998.

• Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib has occupied the position of Chief Representative of Private Schools Owners in Waily Directorate since 1986, as well as the same position in Nozha Directorate since 1989.

• He has also occupied the position of Chief Representative of Private Schools Owners in Cairo Governorate since 2002

• He is a member of education committee in the national party in Cairo

• The Chairman of both the High Institute of Qualitative Studies in Heliopolis, and the High Institute of Specialized Technological Studies The chief manager of the Social Welfare Association for educating infants The chief manager of “Fouad Habib Elderly House” that he established to be grateful to his father, and he gives it integrated care Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib is still dreaming, thinking and planning to invest his time and effort for the welfare of upgrading the youth of his country on ethical educational cultural levels, to be always a source of pride for us, and a good example for all the Egyptians.

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