• History & Founding Story

St.Fatima was founded by a family with over 60 years of experience in private education in Egypt. In 1954, the late Mr. Fouad Habib started one of the first private schools in Egypt. Since then, the family has consistently contributed to improving the standard of education in Egypt. Throughout his career, Mr. Fouad Habib was recognized for his contribution to education. First honored by Egypt’s president, Gamal Abd El-Nasser in 1956, he was honored again in 1979, when he was awarded the Pioneer of Private Education Badge of Honor by President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat. Continuing his father’s vision, Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib in 1983, modernized the school’s curriculum by incorporating new technology and new ways of teaching into the classroom. He developed programs in management information systems and electronics. He was the first to introduce a Bachelor of Science degree program in Computer Science encouraging teachers to instill a love of learning among their students, Dr. Sameh Habib pioneered a new way of teaching; the practice of inquiry and investigation. This innovative method replaced the standard teaching technique of memorization. Recognizing his contribution, Dr. Sameh Habib was appointed by fellow private education institution owners to represent them in matters concerning Egypt’s Ministry of Education, a position he has held for more than 20 years.

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