Mrs. Nermeen Fouad

There is no doubt that any intellectual creativity must be based on a wise devoted administration that follows a proper educational method as well as every innovation that might happen to the educational process. Such a successful management is represented in the person of Mrs. Nermeen Fouad, the principal of the primary school, who is considered to be a good example for devotion, sincerity and commitment at work and long experience.

Mrs. Nermeen Fouad has been holding her post since 2016 after a long journey of bestowal. She started it as a teacher of Math supported by a refined educational background. She passed 20 years in the educational field, form which 16 years as an Math teacher, 2 years as a supervisor of the Math Department, as well as 2 years as a principal of St. Fatima Primary School that were full of fruitful achievements through her ambitious will to make the school reach a distinguished level on both ethical and educational basis.

Mrs. Nermeen Fouad has a lot of principles and beliefs that she literally follows and implant in our little buds in order to build a good Egyptian citizen who will be able to carry on the responsibility in the future.

Principle’s Beliefs:

Mrs. Nermeen Fouad believes that in order to have an ideal school, we should take the following points into consideration:

1. To care for technology including modern teaching techniques that copes with the latest innovations in the educational process.

2. Precisely selecting an excellent bunch of highly qualified experienced teachers.

3. Training the teachers regularly concerning the most modern teaching methods.

4. Caring for slow learners so as to raise their standard, in addition to setting courses for brilliant learners in order to be the future leaders. Both are no charge.

5. Setting conversation periods for English to support the pupils’ language.

6. Holding three weekly meetings between teachers and parents to achieve coordination between the school and home in the educational process.

7. The school principal cares for renewing the books in the school library, supplying the library with the most recent books in different fields.

8. Sports and activities are also given a lot of care and importance through competitions that teach pupils the importance of team work and cooperation. Cultural symposiums are also held in all occasions to support the pupils’ love for their school. Famous celebrities and media characters are also hosted to develop the pupils’ hobbies in both cultural and social aspects, and to find a good personalized example in front of them.

9. Teaching pupils’ morals such as love, kindness, sympathy, good behavior, helping others, because education will never be integrated without these meanings. No wonder, then, that the outcome of all these beliefs will be reflected on the school and help to obtain very high results and all the pupils succeed and get 100% and high marks in all school subjects. The river is still giving and the ambition still has no roofs, so that the school will always become an educational forced castle with the slogan (Always the First).