It’s the pleasure of the school administration to hold a Funday for our pupils. This will be as follows:

-Wednesday 6/12/2023 for grades 1-2-3

*Baby class , KG1 , KG2 , Primary 4 , Primary 5 and Primary 6 will be absent on this day.

-Thursday 7/12/2023 for grades 4-5-6

*Baby class , KG1 , KG2 , Primary 1 , Primary 2 and Primary 3 will be absent on this day.

-The Funday will be organised as follows:

*The day starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 2:15p.m.

*The pupils who are subscribed in the school bus arrive and leave at their usual courses.

*The pupils come in their everyday outfits without their books.

*We hope your kids will spend a joyful day to have fun and get ready for the first term exams.