Research topics

Based on Ministerial decree 168 for the year 2022 regarding research projects, some research projects have been selected to help the students. This will be in the form of groups consisting of 3-5 students (in each group), and they have one research during the term. The group will not be changed in the second term. The subject is out of 50 marks. It is a pass or fail subject and it is not added to the final total.

These topics are:

1- The child rights

2- Our heritage is the secret of our survival (the child’s awareness of the role of the antiquities and tourism police)

3-My body is mine, don’t touch me

4-A tree equals life (coping with climate changes)

5- The recent achievements of the country, climate changes, and the impact of the environment on development

Reach items will be evaluated through:

1- Introduction

2- Index

3-Research topics

4- Conclusion

5- references

6- Photos